Run, jump, dash and shoot…and more!

Android Hunter A has another ability that strengthens his arsenal of basic mechanics. He has the ability to become ‘Empowered’. While in the Empowered state, A gains accelerated movement and can shoot faster more powerful blasts.

In addition to his enhanced physical state, Android Hunter A also has the ability to perform an Empowered Shot, which shoots a ferocious wave of energy towards his foes.

Fully Animated Cinematic Storytelling

Experience the wold of Android Hunter A through a fully animated and captivating narrative. No image stills or excessive text popups here.

Ranking System

Test your skills with a unique ranking system to track your progress. After completing each stage, earn a rank based off your performance!

Customization System

Use Base Metal to unlock awesome customization items to personalize the look of Android Hunter A! With a vast selection of unique items,  customize Android Hunter A’s visor, helmet, torso and more!

And So Much More!