Truly next-gen

Android Hunter A is being developed through the power of the Unreal Engine 4.

New and Innovative

We’re focused on revitalizing the spirit of the action platformer with an entirely new perspective on all aspects of the game’s development. At the same time, we’re dedicated to building the game right before making changes.

A fresh perspective

We are a team of international indie developers, bringing a fresh perspective to the industry.

Classic Platforming | Ability Upgrades | New Techniques | Ranking System | Armor Upgrades | VR Support | Customization Options


Android Hunter A Has A Bike

https://twitter.com/DigiPlox/status/1104473721325010945 Keep…

Ice Stage Boss Animations

Quick update showcasing some Ice Stage Boss Animations ~ …

New Gameplay Video! (February Update)

Showcasing all-new Android Hunter A stages, customization system,…

“…the third times the charm, right?”

- oneangrygamer.net

“…may just fill the sort of “Mega Man, but
with the serial numbers filed off” void.”

- themmnetwork.com

“Android Hunter A Is The Mega Man
Clone We Deserve.”

- rushdownradio.net

“The gameplay mechanics strive to be
intuitive to create as fun a gaming
experience as possible.”

- Bonnie Burgette - IndieGameMagazine